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Dream Theatre Productions is a company that cares just as much about bringing quality, affordable entertainment to Northern/Central New Jersey as it does the performers who appear on its stage.

For many families, an evening or afternoon at the theater is a treasured experience. Laughter and tears are shared and wonderful family memories are created. Many New Jersey families cannot afford the rising ticket prices in New York City, let alone tolls, parking and a quick meal before the curtain rises. We strive to keep our top ticket prices 65% less than Broadway productions and 25% less than most other professional theater productions in New Jersey while keeping the same professional and artistic standards.

In an effort to keep our productions accessible, we invite families in under-served
urban areas to attend our final dress rehearsals so that they too can experience live theatrical entertainment. Many professional theaters invite students from these areas to attend their productions, but we feel the experience ends when they return home. By inviting the entire family unit we are creating a family memory that lasts
long after the curtain comes down.

Trying to make a living as a working artist in New York City can be challenging as well as mentally draining. Most performers do not seek stardom, but are just looking to make a living wage while doing what they love. Dream Theater is pleased to offer them a place to share their talents and help them financially survive. Major
Broadway and Regional Theaters will only hire members of The Actors’ Equity Association, the professional actors union, while only hiring a small handful of Non- Union performers. Hundreds of Non-Union performers line up for hours, as early as 3 A.M., for a chance to audition for these few valuable slots. Other options for Non- Union performers are professional theaters across the country that are not part of

Actors’ Equity. Unfortunately, most of these theaters pay well below minimum wage. Dream Theatre Productions helps to break the cycle. We are committed to pay each performer a weekly salary that allows them to support themselves while doing what they love. Dream Theatre Productions will soon be a part of The Equity Membership Candidates program; an established program through Actors’ Equity that allows potential members to
earn one point per week that they work in an approved professional Regional Theater.

In addition to our productions, we will soon have a dynamic theater school! The Academy at Dream Theatre Productions will teach aspiring performers as young as 5 and 6 years old the basics of Acting and Musical Theater. Our students will either become the next generation of performers on our stage or lifetime theater enthusiast who learn empathy, problem solving skills and working well in social group work situations.